KGB Spy story

Spy story of the Soviet time This content will enlighten you more about the spy of the Soviet time, these spies worth given a medal because they took the sword by the sharp head and put their lives on the line. Here are the top five spy stories of the Soviet time. These spies were high ranking CIA and FBI, collecting and reporting sensitive data back to their KGB handlers. Here we go↓↓

Kim Philby Was Chief MI6-CIA Liaison While Spying for the Soviets Kim Philby is the son of famed explorer St.John Philby, Kim was born in India 1912. Kim graduated from Trinity College at Cambridge, he studied a history and got himself involved in some Soviet espionage group. Kim was recruited by MI6 in 1940 after working as a journalist briefly. After the end of world war II, Kim was charged to monitor counterespionage at MI6, charged with suppressing Soviet subversion in Western Europe.

By 1949, acted as the top Liaison between US and UK intelligence after he was transferred to Washington. During this time Kim warned the Soviets of an Allied attack on communists in Albania around 1950. Kim was one of the best spies, the information Kim gave to the Soviet during the ‘40s and ‘50s resulted in the deaths of many agents who were exposed to and captured by the Soviets Karl Koecher, CIA Agent.

Soviet Mole, Orgy Aficionado Karl koecher was a citizen of Czechoslovakia also he was born in this same place, he later moved to the US with the main goal of spying on the government. Karl was offered a job as analyst and translator for the CIA in 1973. During this period if he was able to leak to information of the officials in the US that he thought would cooperate with the Soviet of threatened also he gave the important documents photographs and classified list of the CIA agents to Czechoslovak Intelligence Service Among the document Koecher leaked was reacted to a man named Aleksandr Ogorodnik who was a Soviet but working for the CIA, spying on the Russians in Moscow. He was able to get more information about the CIA when partying in the club alongside with other CIA agents.

Koecher was nailed down by the FBI I’m 1984, they were able to make him confess after a lot of threatening. He was later exchanged with a prisoner in 1986 and was moved to the Soviet Union alongside his wife. Rudolf Abel, Mid-Century Brooklyn Hipster and Soviet Spy Rudolf Abel was born in England in 1903. When Abel was a young man he spent two years in the radio division of the Red Army and joined (OPGU) Joint State Political Directorate. In 1948, Abel made his way Into US illegally from Canada with the motive of leaking information about the atomic bomb to superiors in Russia. Abel was able to make a name for himself in the arts scene in Brooklyn, US.

Abel and Reno Häyhänen worked together because they were both a spy in the US although Häyhänen was called back to the Soviet Union because he was unable to complete his mission. Häyhänen did not return to the Soviet Union, he leaked officials with the names of Soviet spies operating in the US to the US embassy. Häyhänen’s revelation led to the arrest of Abel. Abel was able to avoid the death penalty with the help of New York attorney James Donovan. He was later swapped with a prisoner and returned to Russia.

Elizabeth Bentley: Librarian by Day, Soviet Spy by Night Elizabeth Bentley was born 1908 in Connecticut, she studied at Vassar College and Columbia University. Bentley joined an underground communist organization in the US due to her experience while studying abroad in Italy. Bentley joined some groups like Communist Party and Society for Technical Aid to Soviet and was affiliated with the American League against War and Fascism, a communist organization. Bentley became more involved in with spy work when she and Golos got romantic. Bentley was able to get much information about the US government because she uses a seductive way to get information and documents. She ferried the information and document gotten to the Soviet Union agent. The death of Golos in 1945, led to Bentley renouncement of communism and admitted her affiliation with Soviet spies to the FBI.

CIA Officer and Soviet Spy Aldrich Ames Led to the Death of Several US Agents In 1985 Aldrich Ames started is spying career with Central Intelligence Agency. Ames was able to leak matters dealing with the KGB and the USSR’s foreign intelligence because of his fluency in Russian. Ames leaked information to the KGB by leaving packets of information at secret locations to be picked up. Ames was paid $50,000 for his service. Part of the information leaked consist of CIA and FBI agents and operatives in the Soviet Union. Ames was arrested and sentenced to life without parole after a guilty plea because the Russian officials did some investigation and found large sums of money that could not be legitimized.

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