Strela is a Russian brand named after Mr. Sturmanskie. Strela means arrow and it is deeply connected with Russian movement. It was first introduced in 1959 and was only available for soviet air forces and higher officials, since it had that precision factor in measuring time in sky and field.

As aviator glasses (more commonly known as aviators) were considered a must have for air force officers, Strela in its very early years got that hype and became a official object of preference for the pilots and cosmonauts. What a blessing in disguise this pretty luxury was. A tiny miniature tried to carry the weight of world on his shoulders.


leonov alexei, voskhod2


ALEXEI LEONOV, A Russian Soviet cosmonaut who made world’s first ever walk in space on March 18, 1965. His experience, expedition and dare was something which will never be forgotten. Alexei was wearing STRELA during his mission.


After him another cosmonaut VLADIMIR KOMAROV made his walk in space accompanied with YURI GAGARIN in spacecraft. Both of them were also wearing STRELA up there. Because of its tremendous accuracy and unburdening abilities, it was always loved by the spacemen. 

Since then STRELA made space a part of their design as paying homage to these brave souls. May the departed souls rest in eternal peace.



The watches had two registers, 45 minutes time elapsed system and a constant seconds hand and a central chronograph hand for measuring the elapsed seconds. These classical watches have chrome coated stainless steel casing and a stainless steel case back. 

STRELA’s design kept on improvising time to time from tachometric rings to telemeterious rings with bedazzled dials. Because of its unique and multi-functioning properties Strela was increased in demand with every update they made.

As per information in 1980’s the total count of Strela sold watches reached 100,000 pieces. Woah! I can completely understand the love and raised demand curve for this luxury, as for the historic background and supreme delicacy it lived with throughout.

One thing to not forget their vintage watches still have the ability to whitewash any other expensive watch.

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